TWIA Alternative to Windstorm Insurance

Let me say this loud and clear, Yes, there is now an alternative to TWIA.  You don’t have to stay with the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.  You can have a real, live, working insurance company to provide you with windstorm insurance. 

But, yet there is more, Yes, believe it.  Maison Insurance Company now has rates that are 10% below the current TWIA rates.  So, not only an alternative but something a bit cheaper.  Sounds too good to be true?  

There is one other thing, if you want to believe it.  If you don’t have the latest and great WPI-8 on the roof replacement that you made a few years ago.  Forget about it!  Maison does’t penalize you for not having the certificate registered with the Texas Department of Insurance.  Of course, your going to have to prove it with an invoice, warranty or some papers to document that it’s been replace.  But, there is not the 15% surcharge added to your policy like it would be with TWIA.  Okay, that all sounds good and I like it, alot.  

So, here is the downfall, today.  The roof has to be less than 14 years old or the policy will be written with an actual cash value endorsement.  That is subject to change of course, but that is what is offered today.  So, anyone who has a newer roof that is 14 years and newer shouldn’t have an issue, problem or surcharge on getting a windstorm policy in Texas.  

Plus, Maison is kicking off the program and there should be other entrants into the market this year.  So, there are going to be options.  It looks to heat up a little bit this summer and maybe the windstorm market will too.  Competition brings out the best in everyone, so look out.  The gloves are going to come off now that it’s open season in the windstorm market.

As the agency principal, I like to stay on top of what is happening in the marketplace and offer alternatives and options to our customers.  It’s not for everyone but that is why my agency and staff are here to help sort out the options. If you would like to get a home and windstorm insurance review, please feel free to give us a call at 800-776-0633.  If you would rather submit your request online please feel free to do so on our website at  We can respond to you in either fashion with the same quick response and courteous service.

Clinton D Richey at 800-776-06333

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