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  Houston Homeowners Policies Most homeowners policies in Houston combine the following five coverage’s:

  • Dwelling pays if your house is damaged or destroyed by a covered loss. It also pays for unattached structures and buildings, such as fences, detached garages, and storage sheds.
  • Personal property pays if the items in your house (such as furniture, clothing, and appliances) are stolen or damaged or destroyed by a covered loss.
  • Liability provides $25,000 in coverage if you are sued and found legally responsible for someone else’s injury or property damage. You may be able to purchase up to $1 million in additional coverage.
  • Medical payments pays the medical bills of people hurt on your property. It might also pay for some injuries that happen away from your home — if your dog bites someone at the park, for instance. A basic homeowners policy pays $500 in medical bills, but you may buy up to $5,000 in medical payments coverage.
  • Loss of use pays your additional living expenses (housing, food, and other essential expenses) if you must temporarily  move because of damage to your house from a covered loss. Your policy will pay either a percentage of the amount of your dwelling coverage (typically 10 to 20 percent) or for a specific period after the loss (such as 24 months).

Houston Home Insurance Quote I would like to clarify and help explain how to get the most accurate home insurance quote in Houston from Richey Insurance Agency.  First of all, it’s nothing like buying a car and having to spend all day bartering for your best rate.  Whatever the carrier says that it’s going to be is what the quote is and will be.  There is absolutely no bartering on the premium amount that the carrier wants.  So, the easiest way to provide your current home insurance declaration pages to me at Clinton@RicheyInsurance.com.  Plus, if you have a centrally monitored alarm there is a significant discount from some carriers.  So, if you have it please send it over as well.  The next biggest item is what the age of the roof.  If you have documentation providing when the roof was replaced with a invoice or warrant that is helpful.  However, you may be purchasing a home and only able to provide the sellers disclosures based on their information.  That is fine for the underwriting process and very helpful in putting an accurate “good faith” estimate together.  For the most accurate rate possible your birthday, driver’s license and social security number will be needed to complete the underwriting process.  To make sure that we don’t miss any discounts it’s best to provide your auto insurance declaration pages as well along with all the household drivers.  This will give us an opportunity to run quotes with and without the auto/home discount to see if it’s better to place you with a carrier that provides the best premium and policy with their companion auto policy.  So, we can write mono line homeowners or we can write the bundle package.  At Richey Insurance Agency we do what’s best for our clients not what’s best for our wallet.  If it’s better to split up the coverage and carriers then we can make it work.  Also, we will be the first to tell you if your current carrier is the best option for you to stay with or what options we have that look better.  However, it’s always up to our clients to make the right decision for their family.  We provide options and a chance to review what is available. Home Insurance Companies in Houston At Richey Insurance Agency, our carriers are handpicked to provide the best home insurance in Texas.  Home Insurance in Houston is not as simple as other places since we have hurricanes and hail storms.  House insurance in Houston is complicated actually with credit scoring, coverage’s and exclusions and not to mention the policy forms available.  Please see a few of the standard line A Rated carriers below that are represented by Richey Insurance Agency. Centauri, Gulfstream, Home Owners of America, Hartford, Mercury Insurance, MetLife, Travelers Insurance, Universal, UPC Insurance, Wellington With Richey Insurance Agency, you’ll discover competitive  homeowner’s insurance rates and exceptional service.  Also, with the best homeowners insurance carriers on the market we will help find all the available discounts on the market.  This will provide you the protection you need with the most value for your dollar that’s right for you and your home in Houston. Call (281) 360-4646 to get a free quote today and speak with a licensed insurance representative. Privacy Statement:  We follow the highest industry standards to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information and secure the transmission of your info from your computer.  Please fill out quote form by clicking “Free Quote” on the menu bar to ensure an accurate quote and confidentiality.  Thank you for your interest. Real life examples of home insurance in Houston: $192,000 Texas Home Insurance Policy in Houston, TX:  $192,000 Houston home insurance quote, home built in 2009 in Houston, TX…only 865/year! $160,000 Texas Home Insurance Policy in Houston, TX:  $160,000 Houston home insurance quote, home built in 1969 in Houston, TX…only 1424/year! $269,000 Texas Home Insurance Policy in Sugarland, TX:  $269,000 Sugarland home insurance quote, home built in 1994 in Sugarland, TX…only 1393/year! $280,000 Texas Home Insurance Policy in Katy, TX:  $280,000 Katy home insurance quote, home built in 2011 in Katy…only 1257/year! $149,000 Texas Home Insurance Policy in Spring, TX:  $149,000 Spring home insurance quote, home built in 2004 in Spring, TX…only 899/year! $230,000 Texas Home Insurance Policy in Humble, TX:  $230,000 Humble home insurance quote, built in 2006 in Humble, TX…only 1245/year! Request your Homeowners Insurance Quote Houston Now!